Thought of the day

I am at the point in my relationship with myself that I realized: I have basically no idea who I am or what I want. Everytime I ask myself:”What should I do?” or “How do I see my future?”, the automatic response is “I don’t know.”

I then move on to other thoughts that involve other people or my ex, or some other train of thought instead of trying to delve deeper to ‘find myself’. Must I travel to Europe and ‘find myself’ on a backpacking tour or could I search and ‘find myself’ sitting in relative comfort of the living room sofa?

Is my biggest fear that I won’t like what I find? Couldn’t I plastic surgery my way to a personality that I wanted? I read books in hopes of discovering that this is me! This author totally knows me and now I can stop searching for the answers to all the questions I ask myself, about myself. News flash: hasn’t happened. So far…

So in the meantime, I am still searching.

Is it the journey and not the destination?

I need answers!




3 thoughts on “Thought of the day

    • That is very true. After all, we have people we bring along and gather as we are on this ‘journey’, but ultimately we are ‘alone’ with only ourselves as a constant. We have to love and make peace with ourselves first. 🙂
      Thanks for the comment and insight.

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