Mind Power

I had another unfortunate encounter with my shitty ex. Why do I allow my mind to let him have this much control over my thoughts, which translates into my week, and how many years will that be that I have dragged his sorry ass around with me???

It is not fair you know, he did not want me anymore and I still torture myself with his judgment’s over and over in my head. Shouldn’t he be the one to be tortured by his actions??? In a fair world I am sure that is true.

I have tried to exhume his sorry self from my brain, but as of yet it has only been maybe hours at a time that I find relief from this albatross. I need a solution as I am slowly driving myself insane.

To be fair, I look back at the road I have traveled so far from when the “Devastation” happened, and I realize with some relief that it has gotten better. I no longer dream so much of murdering him or have as many suicidal thoughts, so I am getting somewhere. It is so agonizingly S-L-O-W….




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